Training Related Financial Support1

What is it?

Training programs provide funding to eligible individuals who require skills training to secure employment. These individuals will arrange and pay for their own training, with the financial assistance provided.

Who is it for?

To be eligible for participation in Training, you must be an unemployed individual and:

  • Are unable to find to a job after an active job search and have a financial need.
  • Lack the skills to be employable in the labour market and have a training plan which provides labour market research showing employment opportunities.
  • An EI benefit has been established or has ended within the 60 months (5 years) prior to the date of requesting assistance; or
  • A benefit period that included a maternity or parental claim has been established within the 60 months (5 years) prior to the date of requesting assistance, after which you remained out of the labour market in order to care for a newborn or newly adopted child and are now seeking to re-enter the labour force.
  • Identify as having a disability or have a 'Person with a Disability' designation.
  • Eligible under the single parent initiative.

What are the financial benefits?

Eligible costs may include tuition costs, living expenses (EI Only), dependent care expenses, disability needs, books and transportation costs. Individuals are generally required to make a contribution towards the cost of their training and show a financial need for additional support.

Individuals approved for financial assistance who are currently on an active EI claim may continue to receive their regular EI benefits until the end of their benefit period.

What is the next step?

Please book an appointment with one of our Case Managers.

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